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Idaho Wolf Mortality Report December 21, 2014
As of December 21 -- four month into the 2014-2015 hunting season-- Idaho haters have extinguished:

The federal government spent $millions to re-establish Rocky Mountain wolves—
then turned these animals over to Idaho Governor Butch Otter and his Department of Fish and Game.

Steel foothold traps and strangle snares are Idaho’s “finger” to wolf recovery.

Since federal wolf delisting in 2010, Idaho’s unmitigated brutality against its tiny wolf population has included shooting by helicopter, bow hunting, year-round gunning and a state-wide campaign to train armies of wolf trappers. Haters across the state are rabid to “make them pay” for up to 72 hours in inhumane foothold traps and strangle snares that inflict prolonged suffering. Idaho elk populations are healthy and huge (102,000) and wolf livestock depredation is minimal. Yet the hunter-financed Foundation for Wildlife Management (F4WM) pays a $500-per-kill bounty to individuals who trap-torture Idaho wolves.

Here is what Idaho’s Harvest of Hatred has accomplished as of July 2014:

Idaho 2009-2010 hunting season: 188 wolves killed
Idaho 2011-2012 hunting/trapping/snaring season: 379 wolves killed
Idaho 2012-2013 hunting/trapping/snaring season: 320 wolves killed
Idaho 2013-2014 hunting /trapping /snaring season: 297 wolves killed

Several hundreds of additional wolves have been destroyed by illegal kills and by official "control operations," including 23 wolves ruthlessly helicopter-gunned in Idaho’s Lolo Mountains in February 2014.

At the end of 2013, with several months still remaining in the 2013-2014 hunting season, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) concluded that there were 659 wolves.  The department could identify only 20 breeding pairs remaining within Idaho’s 83, 557 square miles of territory. That numbers are suspect because IDFG claimed that there were 683 wolves remaining at the end of 2012. Since hundreds of wolves were officially killed in between these two annual estimates, informed observers believe that IDFG’s wolf population numbers are contrived. It is likely that only 300-400 wolves actually remain while the frenetic wolf kill continues on private lands right though the 2014 pup season. IDFG told the Spokesman Review in June 2014 that, of a group of 15 pups it monitored in 2013, only one-third survived their first year. This confirms a catastrophically high pup mortality rate.

Meantime, the Idaho Legislature’s Mean Machine has just created a new, independent Wolf Depredation Control Board, to be funded with $400,000. This entity has the explicit purpose of cooperating with USDA’s Wildlife Services to terminate all Idaho wolves (except for the federally mandated 150) thereby reducing the wolf population to only 10 packs statewide. This intent was confirmed by Idaho representative Marc Gibbs who led the legislative anti-wolf mob to create and fund the Board. Wildlife Services has gain notoriety for shooting, poisoning and trapping four million wild animals nationwide in 2013.

Jamie Rappaport Clark, president of Defenders of Wildlife, sums up Idaho’s Harvest of Hatred like this: “Make no mistake: it's Idaho's elected officials who are leading the charge against wolves. By implementing ever escalating wolf killing programs and ramping up the anti-wolf rhetoric to new heights, they are being successful in creating a destructive culture of wolf hatred and fear in the state based on myth and hype….Apparently the zeal with which the Idaho Department of Fish and Game was killing wolves was not near good enough for the Governor, so he and the state legislature created an independent entity whose sole focus is the killing of wolves. This sounds like a predator "management" strategy from the 1800's, not the 21st century…If any other wildlife population dropped as low as Idaho is planning to drop its wolf population, it would be a prime candidate for federal protection under the Endangered Species Act….Defenders has now requested that Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell initiate immediate status review of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies as a first step to determine whether the species should be relisted under the Endangered Species Act in that region.”

 Idaho Wolves are fighting for survival!



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Wolves Are In Dire Need
of Federal Protection

Adopt A Wolf Pack is a non-profit group, whose goal is to ensure that wolves are permitted to fulfill their ecological role on public wildlands as top predators. Wolves are an essential part of a healthy and functioning ecosystem. As top predators, wolves are crucial to the resiliency of terrestrial and aquatic species, including deer, elk and other ungulates.

We are opposed to the hunting and trapping of wolves on public lands in states like Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. We feel that it is imperative that wolves be relisted under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 until science, not politics, determines that wolf populations are biologically, genetically and geographically recovered. Currently, the livestock industry and special interest sportsmen’s groups dictate Idaho Fish & Game (IDFG) policy. Over one-thousand wolves have been killed in the northern Rockies since 2011.

In order to accomplish our goals, we invite you to join our “Adopt A Wolf Pack” program. Your donation will assist us with increasing public awareness of the fate of wolves throughout the northern Rockies. “Adopt A Wolf Pack” seeks to distinguish wolves in the region by identifying individual wolf packs through: name, location, range, history, photos, and management activities. Please join us in our efforts to broaden IDFG’s funding from its narrow base of hunting and fishing licenses, to one that is more representative of the vast majority of Idaho’s citizens.

National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves

On September 7, 2013 people from around the country gathered at the National Mall in Washington D.C. to raise awareness to the grey wolf slaughter currently taking place across America. In just over two year’s time, approximately 1,700 wolves have been killed via hunting, trapping and snaring. These actions are legal, of course, because wolves in states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota are no longer managed by the federal government, but rather, state fish and game departments. Another words, the federal government, specifically the US Fish & Wildlife Service, has betrayed grey wolves and our wildlife heritage by removing protections afforded under the Endangered Species Act. Instead of wolf recovery being one of the greatest success stories of wildlife management in our country’s time, it has instead become a nightmare, and sadly shadows efforts of the first extermination of grey wolves in the 18th/19th Century.